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Scrum framework has always been our preferred light weight framework. Scrum framework talks about Scrum Roles, Scrum Ceremonies, and Artifacts. Download now and you’ll see what we mean!

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PMF Edu’s real time case studies are prepared from our industry experts which embraces the latest solutions and approach that make your understanding easy and implementation as well. These industry studies made crisp and clean on all current industry concepts.


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  • Pratap has an amazing knowledge in Agile Methodologies. As an a Agile Coach, he helped teams to start believing in being Agile . I wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.

    Sukanth Rallapati, CSM, CSPO
    Sukanth Rallapati, CSM, CSPO Manager - Business Analyst
  • I worked directly with Pratap at Quintiles in a different group. I personally know him while discussing on various agile initiatives especially on QAgile and other framework like Scrum, xP and sAFE. His initiatives to drive agile practices and his rich experience on Agile helped the team to understand various practices like effective daily stand up call, effective estimation

    Subhasis Padhy, MBA,PMP,CSPO,CSM
    Subhasis Padhy, MBA,PMP,CSPO,CSM Sr. Manager, QuintilesIMS
  • Pratap Kumar is a very hard-working, competent manager and a real team player. His knowledge of the software development life cycle and certifications in Scrum, combined with his positive attitude and hands on background in software development make him a great asset to any organization that needs to develop IT solutions. He is a hard working professional who likes to be challenged in his work.I would highly recommend Pratap for any position in the field of developing software or IT solutions.

    Sravanth Jasti
    Sravanth Jasti Business Analyst at IBM
  • I met Pratap during his assignment as an Agile coach at Tesco and we had a very healthy and informative discussion on Continuous Integration and CD automation workflow and how to achieve it in the Agile framework. He holds a great leadership quality with a great sense of humor so I would definitely recommend Pratap for his strong Agile Coaching skills that he has demonstrated to our team and the best part of him is how to tackle the situations very coolly.

    Samyak Rout
    Samyak Rout Principal Solution Designer, WESTPAC
  • Pratap joined Tesco for the Marketing IT team as an Agile coach when our orgranization is going through Agile Transformation. He managed to transform teams from novices in Agile to hands on, self sustained Agile teams. He was successful in training a team of 50 plus team members in multiple batches, introducing them to the nitty-gritty's of Scrum.  He also worked with the Management team in setting up the framework, best practices of scrum.

    Anil Kothapalli
    Anil Kothapalli Agile Coach at Tesco PLC
  • A great coach and expert in Scrum. He joined our team to mentor and guide new evolving scrum teams. He is a capable Scrum Master who's managed large software development projects and helped us organize all software development practice in scrum. He has created the Scrum training presentation, and is particularly talented at creating diagrams to illustrate the finer points of Scrum. He has managed 6 different teams following different cadence and projects which shows his capability under challenging conditions in a demanding environment.

    Rudradeep Das
    Rudradeep Das Scrum Master, Tesco
  • I had the pleasure of working with Pratap on Suncorp projects. He is extremely passionate about Agile processes and software engineering. Pratap has a demonstrated ability to drive Agile improvement initiatives. His vast experience with Scrum and other Agile approaches in a variety of organizations provides him with a unique perspective on how to best introduce new practices.

    Aslam Shaikh
    Aslam Shaikh Agile Project Manager |Scrum Master | Coach | Process improvement consultant
  • Pratap has worked as Agile coach for Suncorp ODC at Mahindra Satyam, Bangalore. Pratap has extended his support in leveraging Agile practices for our various teams at Bangalore. As an IM he has closely worked with onshore team and was involved in agile transition journey. He is a perfect team player. He has a very flexible & open mindset which is key to success in an Agile environment.

    Anil Dasmohapatra, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP, SAFe
    Anil Dasmohapatra, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP, SAFe Agile Project Manager, Commonwealth Bank
  • I was managing Pratap directly at Ness Technologies. Pratap was a great asset in my team who left no stones unturned to ensure smooth completion of a task entrusted with him. He is a smart and dedicated individual who pays attention to minute details and always walks that extra mile to ensure project's success. He possesses good leadership qualities. He also possesses good communication and inter-personal skills.

    Anindya Ghosh
    Anindya Ghosh Senior Manager, Infosys
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pratap in Ness. As a Scrum coach, Pratap is a true pillar during the Development process. His ability to plan and execute complex projects involving multiple groups with varying schedule and agendas is truly exceptional. In front of client, Pratap is a statesman: a thorough professional, an excellent agile transformation coach. Pratap earns my highest recommendation.

    Vikrant Shinde
    Vikrant Shinde AVP, Deutsche Bank
  • I worked with Pratap worked in the same group and I was amazed by his immense knowledge and vision in his process improvement domain.He plans for the future much ahead to yield excellant results and works very patiently until he achieves his goal.He is a cheerful person and a nice team-mate to all.I am sure where-ever he goes he will set benchmarks of his work.

    Anand Srivastava
    Anand Srivastava Principal LMS Consultant @ Oracle
  • Pratap is a hard working and very focused person. He is very efficient in his work and deliver good product to customer. He is very good at understanding the need and requirement of customer at all levels and plan accordingly to satisfy the customer while delivering.

    Dinabandhu Behera
    Dinabandhu Behera VP and BU Head, Aviohelitronics Info Systems
  • He has crystal clear thoughts and agenda for future. His technical expertise was far beyond in comparison to his same experience colleagues. He is a man of ideas...always has ideas for improving system from process and technology point of view. Energetic and Enthusiastic and a real team player.Wish him all the best for the future.

    Sandeep Kumar Das ,PMI-ACP®,ITIL
    Sandeep Kumar Das ,PMI-ACP®,ITIL Sr Staff Engineer
  • Pratap is a very passionate and a seasoned Agile Coach with wide variety of experience. He has amazing knowledge and can handle customers with ease

    Jayanthi S
    Jayanthi S Agile Coach, Cognizant
  • Pratap, is an amazing trainer and Agile Coach. We have availed his services for training our staff members and each time the feedback of participants have been superlative and encouraging. His involvement, his in-depth knowledge on the topics that he trains on and finally his ability to elucidate participant queries with simple, yet relevant examples makes him a preferred training partner. I wish him success in all the endeavors he undertakes !!

    Prajit Menon
    Prajit Menon Regional Lead - Training & Knowledge Management

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Scrum framework has always been our preferred light weight framework. Download now and you’ll see what we mean!


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