9 Qualities That Make High Performing Teams

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9 Qualities That Make High Performing Teams

It was an obvious challenge to sustain in the market and then establishing a sustainable growth afterwards. And the second one is creating a larger customer base with improved services and high quality features at a constant pace compared to their competitors.

Now, these two challenges essentially draws a huge attention in optimizing everything that involved in achieving both immediate and long-term goals of every organization with a greater sustainability. These optimizations are mostly done at 4 verticals.

  • Delivery
  • Process
  • Strategy
  • Infrastructure

This is how I believe to adopt a LEAN approach in such a highly competitive market. However, I also believe these goals should not overlook the efficiency of core teams. The above mentioned 4 points gets optimized most along with a high performing team.

Now explore more on 9 Qualities That Make High Performing Teams

There are no specific definitive measures for a performing team as it depends on various factors like team structure, infrastructure, other dependencies , organizations cultures and leadership factors as well. And differs from an organization to other. However, here are 9 qualities that can greatly influence a performing team. Let us discuss those 9 qualities that make high performing teams

 # 1 – Holding just enough clarity to move

Holding just enough clarity of vision on the work they do and the value it brings helps to stay focused on short-term goals and creates a pave for a bigger picture. Clarity on business needs and other dependent components will ease out progress of development. This also signifies team’s readiness to start developing with minimum viable features.

 # 2 – Securing their own decision

The core of any product success is dependent on core delivery team. A high performance team always takes a right decision in implementing the business functionality and resolving any technical as well internal challenges. Identifying a right course of actions quickly in bringing blockers to a definite closure is one of the symbols of a high performance team. Team should be capable in addressing both internal and external conflicts.

# 3 – Highly informative with rich culture of communication

A highly communicative team always flow the information quickly which helps in clarifying any blocks and minimizes any dependencies as well risks. As per a recent research a highly productive team has a high density of inter communication as well with dependent team. Uniformity & shared knowledge across all team members helps to a greater extent.

 # 4 – Striving in maintaining an uninterrupted flow

It is not all about uninterrupted flow, it all about maintaining continuously a seamless flow. A constant business flow helps in achieving returns quickly on investments. Continuous and consistency delivery always delights all stakeholders and create a trust between them. Uniform and sustainable velocity helps in achieving continuous desired goal.

Highly automated environment is always a crucial reason for delivering continuously. Automation can range starting from test, build, Release and at configuration management layer. Multiple builds and deployment becomes an overhead without automation and can bring a high turnaround time. It also helps for a Controlled defect leakage and balanced defect density. A high performance team holds a mechanism and stay focused on uncontrolled defects flows out of system.

 # 5 – Living with delivery commitments

Delivery is only the end goal for every team. Meeting these delivery commitments brings confidence in minimizing uncertainties and reaching out market quickly and constantly. This helps in coping out constantly changing demands. A high performance team always thrives to meet a sustainable speed to meet their commitments on a short-term goals. Committing a smaller goals and achieving it consistently considered to be more reliable and performing team and gains all stakeholders confidence.

 # 6 – Quality matters to everyone

Quality is always an inseparable need of any product and is considered as a sole cause for success of a product. Reduction in quality results with bugs. So to make an error free product, team always do a set of quick checklist to make sure quality in terms of functionality, code quality, implementing latest technology and high user experience.

 # 7 – Self motivated enough to work happily

Motivation works as fuel to drive towards achieving that extra milestone required for achieving team’s goal. More you motivated more you become creative and willing to be more effective. Self actualization and self-esteem plays crucial roles for maintaining internal motivation.

 # 8 – Respect and Implement “One team” philosophy

“United we stand, divided we fall”. As it rightly said and emphasizes on a greater collaboration for every winning situations. Similarly any performing team always demonstrates a high level of team work, collaboration and supporting their team members to meet team morale and values. A healthy and supporting environment always brings more creativity and a qualitative delivery.

 # 9 – Holding enough self accountability on failures

Accountability attracts individual ownership. An improved ownership by every team members helps in establishing a rapid pace in delivering and so creates a highly supporting environment to challenge for any external impacts. Without having this, team members enter to silos mode where they wait for a direction for an assigned task and most of the times it consumes the specified limits of time as Parkinson’s laws states.

In short, a high performing team leads to every ways in fulfilling an organization’s goals by delivering organizational needs, with an improved speed for every delivery and most importantly delivering a high quality service. Hope you now identified those 9 Qualities That Make High Performing Teams

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