Agile Artifacts

Product Backlog

  1. List of requirements in user story format
  2. Stories supported by acceptance criteria’s
  3. Managed by Product owner
  4. Changes as fits to product owner and business value
  5. Anyone can contribute to it
  6. Every product holds a single product backlog

Sprint Backlog

  1. List of stories committed to delivering at the end of sprint
  2. Stories are broken down into tasks
  3. Story point estimation
  4. Tasks estimated and assigned
  5. No changes in sprint backlog till next sprint
  6. Owned and modified only by development team

Shippable product increment

Completed and workable pieces of features that can be integrated into main product satisfying the definition of done.

Dependencies / Blocker list

  1. List of roadblock items (dependency/risk)
  2. Own by Scrum Master
  3. Work on it till all items resolved
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