What is Definition Of Done?

This is an agreement between development and business team. Product Owner who represents the business team and the development team who implements the product or service comes to an agreement to consider the attributes of a completed features. This collection of checklists for a completion status of a product is called as “Definition Of Done”. This definition differs from one project to another and based on its conditions of satisfaction to consider a done product/service.

Why Definition Of Done?

As this is an agreement, it helps to bring a clarity for development team on what actions to complete before delivering an increment. Similarly, product owner evaluates all action items defined in Definition Of Done before accepting those increments.

Definition Of Done also helps in focusing only on those needs which are required for the success of the product. Identifying Definition of Done at a later stage of development may attract rework and so delayed acceptance.

An example of Definition Of Done?

  • Coding completed
  • Unit tested
  • Code reviewed
  • Build & Deployment completed in development environment
  • End to end testing regression testing completed
  • Code checked into repository
  • Code commented
  • Documented
  • Code coverage >80%
  • Release notes prepared
  • Defects logged with all test cases execution
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