The Sprint Backlog is an ordered list of Product Backlog Items, preferably User Stories, that the Team believes it can complete during the coming Sprint. These items are pulled from the top of the Product Backlog during the Sprint Planning Meeting.


The Sprint Backlog is a requested rundown of Product Backlog Items, ideally User Stories, that the Team trusts it can finish amid the coming Sprint. These things are pulled from the highest point of the Product Backlog amid the Sprint Planning Meeting.

Every story ought to have a Point esteem appointed to it in view of the Estimated measure of relative exertion it will take to finish the story. It is critical that the Team gauges in Points and not hours. The Team decides how best to function through the Sprint Backlog. Be that as it may, when conceivable, they ought to take a shot at the most elevated esteem things first.

Once the Team figures the quantity of stories they feel they can achieve in the Sprint Backlog, there ought to be no increases or changes until the Sprint closes. Notwithstanding, if amid the Sprint administration or the Product Owner choose there is an element of higher business esteem that requirements to come into the Sprint, the Product Owner ought to utilize the intrusion method.

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