Sprint Planning -1

  1. Time boxed 2-4 hour. Facilitated by Scrum Master
  2. Product owner go through top prioritized user stories
  3. Team clarifies on business need
  4. Draft sprint goal

Sprint Planning -2

  1. Time boxed 2-4 hour. Facilitated by Scrum Master
  2. Team estimates user stories and create a task breakdown structure for top prioritized stories shared by product owner during planning meeting – 1
  3. Team commit with available capacity
  4. Conclude sprint goal

Daily Standup call

  1. Time boxed 15 min. Facilitated by Scrum Master
  2. Used only for scrum team.
  3. Other stakeholders can join as mute chickens
  4. Team member says on

What I did since last meeting

What I am doing till next meeting

What blocking me to proceed

  1. Update blocker list
  2. Update task progress on tool or visual board

Backlog Grooming

  1. It is a joint ceremony between Product owner and scrum team. It usually happens toward end of the sprint. Team visualizes the current progress and complexity of future stories as well dependencies.
  2. Product owner re –evaluate business values, complexity and dependencies and re-prioritize backlog stories.

Sprint Review Meeting

  1. Time-boxed to 2-4 hours. Facilitated by Scrum Master
  2. Team demonstrates all completed stories / Progress during sprint
  3. Product owner reviews acceptance criteria’s and provides a transparent feedback.
  4. Inputs for next sprint.

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

  1. Time-boxed to 1-2 hours. Facilitated by Scrum Master
  2. Both development team and PO and SM attend
  3. Discuss on
  • What went well (Continue)
  • What need to improve
  • What is not working (Remove)








C Scrum Master Sprint Planning Product Backlog
C Product Owner Sprint Review Release Plan
C Delivery Team Sprint Retrospective Sprint Backlog
C Daily Standup Meeting Burn Down / Up
C Agile Tools
E Extended PO Backlog Grooming Sprint Metrics
E Agile Coach Dependency Meeting -Risk & Dependency
E Sponsors Release Planning Stakeholder Reports
E DevOps Engineer Pre Planning Meeting
E PMO Cross team meetings
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