What is the purpose of a sprint retrospective meeting?

Sprint retrospective is one of the ceremonies where team retrospects the way they are working and discuss on their lesson learned from earlier sprint to prepare for next. This retrospection helps the team to evolve on every sprint till it reaches its maturity.

The structure of Retrospective Meeting:

  1. WHEN: The best time for this meeting is on the last day of the sprint cycle
  2. TIME-BOX: Ideal duration is 2 hour for 2-week sprint cycle and based on team structure & its maturity.
  3. WHO: Team & ScrumMaster are required. Other stakeholders and PO invited as an optional attendee.
  4. WHAT: Team discuss mostly on
    • What went well – Continue further
    • What need to improve – Improvement
    • What could have been better – Lesson learned
    • What is not working – Remove from process

Example of Sprint Retrospective Meeting

What Went Well Deltas- What need to be improved
Team Collocation  KDD / Solution Architecture DocAction Plans/ Suggestion1.Metaphor ( Initial high level Architectural doc ) availability –
2.Architectural Doc at Development Bay — Visual
Pair Programming  Product Backlog Readiness: Product Backlog Grooming Session ( A ceremony) – 1 day before end of SprintAction Plans/ SuggestionProduct Owner & Scrum Team Member will join – Grooming
Story Prioritization
Team collaboration  Include Dependency Matrix as  a part of Sprint Planning
Visual Wall – Completed  Blocker Resolution
Daily Stand Up , Ceremonies went well  Better Understanding of User StoriesAction Plans/ Suggestion1. Introduce Pre-Planning Meeting
2. Breaking Sprint Plan in 2 section : Elaboration phase ( Walkthrough session by PO) & Estimation phase
Estimation went well – Tasking & Story Point Agile Tool
User Story understanding went well  Initial Release Plan – No visibility
 Agile CeremoniesNeed to be planned and to send invitation.
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