Sprint Demo or Sprint Review?

Both Sprint Demo and Sprint Review sound similar. However, I like to use “Sprint Review”. Few reasons:

  • Sprint demo is a kind of submission and so lacks a collaborative approach, where development team gives a demo for completed stories to a Product Owner. And so it may create a chaotic state for development team members. While sprint review is more inclined towards jointly reviewing the progress of sprint.
  • Sprint demo indirectly demands to a demo of completed features or stories. But what will happen in a situation where no stories have completed. In such a case we can have a review on progress. This situation arises when stories when not at the granular level or the unexpected complexity surfaced out during the development.
  • Sprint Review creates a shared ownership between development team and product management team, as both together reviews the progress of developments, and issues or risks identified.

In summary: “Sprint Review” terminology is more appropriate than “Sprint Demo”.

How should a Sprint Review meeting look like?

This meeting usually happens on last day of every sprint where both the product owner and the development team together hold a quick inspection of completed features during that sprint.  The idea for Sprint Review is to enable frequent inspect and adapt principles for every increment of deliveries in that current sprint. The ideal duration is 4 hour for a 2-week sprint and depends on the nature of development and complexity of the product or application being developed.

How should Sprint Review agenda look like?

  1. Revisit acceptance criteria
  2. Review completed feature/stories with business team, Stakeholders
  3. Quality review
  4. Business feedback on acceptance of stories
  5. Document lesson learned if any
  6. Attendee: Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Development Team

Why is Sprint Review necessary?

#1 Team prepares for a review and so gets more focused on delivery

#2 Keeping track of a right progress in every small sprint cycle

#3 Constantly delighting customers with an incremental delivery

#4 Enabling multiple and early feedback for minimizing errors

#5 Embracing the reality and avoid any surprises

#6 Foresee any business risks or challenges and so early mitigation



  • All stakeholders are invited.
  • Product owner and development team are mandatory to join all Sprint Review meeting.
  • ScrumMaster facilitates sprint review meetings.
  • Every completed increment which can be potentially integrated is reviewed by the product owner.
  • Product owner ensures all acceptance criteria are met before accepting the piece of the product feature.
  • Product owner either accepts or suggests for any improvement for the increments reviewed.
  • All team members should take active participation to decide any improvement actions for next sprint.
  • Virtual or a web-ex call helps in a better communication in a distributed environment.
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