Agile Unified Process

The agile unified process is a hybrid modeling approach created by Scott Ambler when he combined the Rational Unified Process (RUP) to agile methods (AM) (Christou, Ponis & Palaiologou, 2010). Scott Ambler works for the IBM Methods group as the practice leader for agile development (IBM, n.d.).By combining RUP to AM, Ambler created a solid process framework that can be applied to all sorts of software projects, large or small. Agile methods provided values, principles, and practices to AUP. The agile manifesto shows what these values and principles are.The manifesto describes four value statements for agile development. These values include individuals and their actions, delivering working software, customer collaboration, and responding to change (Sutherland & et al., 2001).The principles described in the manifesto include satisfying the customer through early and continuous software deliverables, welcoming change, developers and business collaborating throughout the project, building projects through motivated individuals, using the most effective means of conveying information like face to face conversations, attention to technical excellence, simplicity, using self-organizing teams, regular reflection, and adjustments.

When Ambler created the AUP, he centered the design around the following principles:
1)Most people won’t read the detailed documentation. However, they will need guidance and training now and

2) The project should be described simply in a few pages.

3)The AUP conforms to the values and principles described by the Agile Alliance.

4)The project must focus on delivering essential value rather than unnecessary features.

5)Developers must be free to use tools best suited to the task at hand, rather than to comply with an edict.

6)AUP is easily tailored via common HTML editing tools.

Source: IJCSMA

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