DevOps :

DevOps = Agile software Development + Lean IT Operations and named by Patrick Debois. DevOps is an evolving theory which focuses on bringing two important streams Agile software development & IT Operation together to lower time to production after the delivery from the development team. This definitely helps agile principles by achieving a quick delivery to the customer and more flexibility and achieves an agile way of delivering by reducing the latency time between DEV and OPS. Most of the organizations are now creating DevOps team which emphasize on smooth delivery by collaboration with operation team working together in a collaborative way.

But how DEV and OPS differ from each other?

  1. Development focuses on the functional side while Operation on non-functional like performance.
  2. Development implements technical side. Operations on process and maintenance side.
  3. Development implements changes while operations always incline towards maintaining stability.

Development basically focuses on developing an application or a product, starting with Design, testing, Deployment and Integration mostly into nonfunctional requirements, whereas Operation always focuses on the code quality, performance, accessibility, and availability to meet the defined standard and mostly into meeting the certain benchmark. Essentially both differ in their approach and interest.

DevOps and Agile:

DevOps and Agile plays close to each other. Recently we have gone through some study over DevOps and Agile to understand addressing current industry challenges by closely bringing the gap between agile development and Operations close together to meet a smoother business goal. A lot of talks and debate is happening around DevOps and Agile. DevOps takes the same path as agile do to meet business goals in a short, quick and continuous loop fashion for an end to end delivery.

Right and wrong about DevOps:

  • DevOps is a theory.
  • DevOps is not a process, neither a method.
  • DevOps minimizes the dependency time between both.
  • DevOps does not say Developer does Ops task neither Ops do developer task.
  • DevOps brings cultural changes by automation and ensures a faster release.
  • DevOps brings a greater collaboration not only between development team but also with OPS team too.
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