How DevOps can help:

DevOps supports an agile way of doing which provides a platform where both OPS & Dev operates together. They get combined with each other where OPS get flexibility with programming platform to meet Continuous Integration and easy to track the progress of Release and Deployment while it leverages Dev team to give for a reliable and stable product/ application and hence support towards OPS. The interesting part is that OPS get involved with Dev team from the day one. And so both integrated with each other. One click to production always brings both DevOps and Agile together.

Major benefits in DevOps include

  • Continuous value addition with constant feedback which increases customer satisfaction
  • Adding on capacity for further innovation
  • Faster in value addition by delivering continuously
  • Minimize dependency between development and operation team

How DevOps works: Few basic rules in DevOps are

  • Quick Feedback with zero response time
  • Adaptation of Lean way by enhancing process quality
  • Repeatable operations at any point of time in the system
  • Always develop and test in a Production similar environment
  • Loop both development and test as well release and deployment
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