Why Scrum? Here are top 10 reasons

# 1 Quick Inspection and early introspection

One of the top 10 reasons to adopt agile is the quick inspection on incremental deliverable on every sprint cycle. This enables introspection both at product management and development team level at every sprint. Hence it helps in overcoming any risk identified. This usually happens during sprint review and retrospective meetings.

Another good reason to adopt agile is early introspection and an early feedback by a dedicated Product Owner or a Subject Matter Expert. These feedbacks help in achieving quick return on invest of prioritized features. It also helps to discuss the wrong assumption by meeting the acceptance criteria at the every stage of Development.

# 2 Continuous surfaces out issues & risks

Another top 10 reasons to adopt agile is flushing out risks and dependencies quickly on a continual basis. Risk usually addressed at various layers like sprint Planning, daily meetings and during retrospective meetings. Scrum Master and team plan for action items for each road blocks and revisit the impact with stakeholders. Each risk is evaluated and action items are revisited to minimizing the impact.

# 3 Self-motivated and self-disciplined team

One of the top 10 reasons to adopt agile is that it holds a people oriented framework. The agile manifesto says Individual and interaction over processes and Tools. It means agile gives priority in establishing a culture of empowering the development team in taking ownership to deliver. The team commits on what to deliver in a sprint timebox after doing estimation during sprint planning meeting. So agile helps in establishing a self-motivated and self-organized the team with an improved productivity.

# 4 Delivering Continuously – A seamless flow

One of the very important reasons for Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Agile is delivering continuously a small functionality in an incremental and iterative fashion. Continuous delivery is possible with the Iterative model where small builds are integrated into a product in every small cycle called sprint and so improves the customer satisfaction. Continuous integration and DevOps helps in achieving a seamless flow of delivery. This seamless flow enables a better coordination between IT & business.

Early to market with basic features:

The faster to market the easier to compete, and so more on Return on Investment. While waterfall model considers all deliverable as a single package and so it won’t consider the individual part completion as a milestone, same time Agile works in continual delivery fashion. These accelerate to market helps to delight customers often for every new release.

# 5 Adjust quickly with change requests

Agile helps in quickly addressing all change requests during any time of development state, and so easily manage any changes in priorities. Unlike waterfall, all changes are requested and taken care by change control board, in Agile – the team, Scrum Master & Product Owner act as Change Control Board unless there is a specific team in the organization who confirm the changes. Product owner describes all possible changes required during sprint planning meeting by prioritizing the story. Unless scope & schedule is fixed agile always embraces changes. The scope can be adjusted when a schedule is fixed.

# 6 Reduce technical debt – A clean code initiative

“Technical debt “a generic term and what it means that we are liable to clear the debt of Code base/ design. If the design is not stable then the code base is not stable and so loosely coupled and it became difficult to manage all dependencies components while any change in any part of the code base. Agile reduces technical debt by addressing these issues by Test Driven Development, Behavior-driven development, Continuous integration and pair programming. Agile focuses on making the code clean by having the simple and stable design.

# 7 High Levels of transparency & predictability

Transparency plays an important factor in adopting agile. As in most delivery projects the visibility is very low at any point of time unless it reaches at its deadline and almost zeros predictability of the project outcomes till it tested and handed over. Agile helps in establishing the clear visibility of deliverable for every sprint/iteration level. It is easier to predict the success of the product in every small cycle called sprint.

# 8 Focuses on quality with zero defects

By adopting agile practices like continuous integration, test driven development defects are controlled and addressed in advance. Any leakage in defects can be addressed constantly during the continuous build and Integration and planned during the sprint. The more infrequent builds the lower in defects and so chances to show a better quality and hence an improved productivity.

#9 Deliver high priority business needs

As market conditions are always unstable due to technology changes as well high customer demand. Business need priority also changes as per geographical and political requirements. So delivering high prioritized requirements to meet a competition challenge is also one of the top 10 reasons to adopt agile.

#10 Changed Mindset – A behavioral change

One of the top 10 reasons to adopt agile is a change in mindset and behavior of team members.

Define workflow on use of any tool
No mute spectator – Active participation
Adopting a simple delivery process
Reduces fear of failures – Incremental deliveries lowers down Risks
Distributed and shared ownership
Transparency with all stakeholders
Lower Cost with higher profit
Improved business clarity – Start with small need
Enforce teamwork – No single hero of the team
Regular Introspection at specific interval
Welcome any changes as per business need
No direct influence from immediate managers

Here are few tabular points on Why & When Agile.

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