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Agile project selection criteria mainly depends on below factors:

# 1 Duration of Project / Length of Release Cycle

There are various reasons to adapt agile. However, Agile framework best fits to a project, where the duration is small range between 6 – 8 month. A long duration project can also suits for agile when it is broken down to sub project and each sub project into multiple releases. So ideally each release can holds several small cycle called sprint. Each sprint can be smaller duration of 2 or 3 weeks. The longer the duration of the project the weaker the feedback and hence slow in incremental deliveries. Due to this reason duration plays a crucial role for an agile project selection criteria.

# 2 Dynamic business need

Lack of clear definition of project or for an innovative and Creative projects where new technologies are explored. In such a dynamic Environment where more amount of uncertainties are involved then agile suits for the project. In an another situation when no upfront definition of requirements as well new environments setting up then the idea is to adopt changes frequently in iterative and incrementally. This is also a major factors in an agile project selection criteria..

# 3 Critical Time for business to Market

Agile project selection criteria is driven by a critical business time towards adding a business value in an incremental fashion. Agile project always suits to a critical time where the demand to bring features becomes a high priority and so the focus changes in delivering a workable product as early as possible.

# 4 Developing a New product

Agile framework always suits to a new product development environment which require a lot of research and changes to it before launching the final product. This situation well fits for agile project selection criteria.

# 5 A Quick Feedback Cycle

Agile framework needs a quick feedback from stakeholders. The faster we inspect the delivered piece of functionality in an iteration the sooner we can rectify product increments. PDCA method helps in constant review and so this plays a important aspect in Agile project selection criteria.

# 6 Frequency of Changes

In most cases business priorities changes as per market demand or due to a technological advance. In this situation project selection criteria also favors towards Agile. Agile framework adopt changes in a small cycle as well enables to take scope adjustment in every small duration.

# 7 More Creative works compel frequent Changes

 # 8 Ambiguous needs





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