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Agile is not only fits for a changing requirements, rather the correct philosophy is to deliver incrementally, a small piece of work and then integrate it that gives a high value at that time and so enable early inspect and so quick learning on the actual progress and any risks. In such a case, agile can also be used for a FP project.

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Agile create a transparent layer with all stakeholders to trade off between the quality and the quantity. Even if we deliver 70% of quality delivers out of a fixed scope and we can easily trade off 30% unfinished items as by the time all those risks and dependencies lag must have surfaced out and so that will create a genuine case to support this missing 30%.

What matters is how much we have delivered and how the customer is delighted. No matter whatever we do to meet both fixed scope and fixed price then quality has to suffer. On the other side as we see a challenge for a service based organization for resource overloading which may not help either side.



Inception decks and trade off slides will only work when there is a flexible either scope or budget, but in most FP price both are not flexible. So in such a situation, we can still deliver those at high values requirements.

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What is most important at FP is first to delight your customer with that 70% of delivery and bring a transparent increments and so can flexible, where we can not deliver 30% and that can be managed at various stakeholders layer and of course impact will be minimized as we delivered 70% of high business value with various change requests , directly from customer on those 70% deliveries.

And what Next – One very important aspect here is to get ready for any change requests as we can not ignore those , if we want to deliver and delight customers. What best we can do is to prepare the backlog with right set of information as much possible at the first chance , by interacting with a product owner and second let the development team be part while translating those into stories. This is to make sure protecting from scope creep. I am not pointing on detailed upfront, but as possible.

Conclusion: We can still run a FP project using scrum. As it is true no project should look like ” Fixed Price but variable scope” .

Reference: Linkedin Discussion on Fixed bid project

Let us discuss a case study


Top challenges for agile

Now what are top challenges for agile in a fixed price project? Agile framework is now mostly used in IT projects for its flexibility to adopt change, for its ability to get early feedback and for its small development life cycle to enable incremental delivery. While it is more flexible to accept innovation and changes at […]
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Major changes

Fear of scope creep, Risk of any major changes Fixed price projects means fixed scope. Every fixed scope associate with fixed milestones. And so there is a minimal scope for adopting any change requests. Changes which are under scope and which can easily be accommodated are only accepted.In such a case it minimizes agile principles […]
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Client: Aerospace Domain Project: Fixed Price & Fixed Schedule Initiation: The project was developed in a vendor premises, who won the project in a competitive bid. The whole project was running in an Scrum Framework, where both the scope & schedule was fixed. Environment: Distributed Agile Challenges: There were few milestones & quality gates were […]
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Risk avoidance

Risk avoidance

Risk avoidance with upfront need clarification Agile in fixed price project fails as there is low scope for any progressive elaboration of requirements. It need to spend time in freezing initial requirements and so it looks like a mini waterfall  for product delivery. Unsustainable development with more pressure on delivery team In a fixed budget, project […]
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Defined MVP with an ordered list of product backlog Items. We kept delivering those high valued user stories on every iteration and flushing out low priority user stories towards later part of the release. Monitoring release burn down chart and preparing the projection on required sprints on current schedule. Descoped certain user stories by product […]
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Low Transparency Collaboration between customer and development team reduces in a fixed price adopting agile. Agile in fixed price project always brings a mindset in delivering the end product. So there is a thereat to a transparent communication between all stakeholders. Quality is compromised. Focus also in organizational profit out of the project delivery. Unlike reimbursed […]
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  • Pratap has an amazing knowledge in Agile Methodologies. As an a Agile Coach, he helped teams to start believing in being Agile . I wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.

    Sukanth Rallapati, CSM, CSPO Manager - Business Analyst
  • I worked directly with Pratap at Quintiles in a different group. I personally know him while discussing on various agile initiatives especially on QAgile and other framework like Scrum, xP and sAFE. His initiatives to drive agile practices and his rich experience on Agile helped the team to understand various practices like effective daily stand up call, effective estimation

    Subhasis Padhy, MBA,PMP,CSPO,CSM Sr. Manager, QuintilesIMS
  • Pratap Kumar is a very hard-working, competent manager and a real team player. His knowledge of the software development life cycle and certifications in Scrum, combined with his positive attitude and hands on background in software development make him a great asset to any organization that needs to develop IT solutions. He is a hard working professional who likes to be challenged in his work.I would highly recommend Pratap for any position in the field of developing software or IT solutions.

    Sravanth Jasti Business Analyst at IBM
  • I met Pratap during his assignment as an Agile coach at Tesco and we had a very healthy and informative discussion on Continuous Integration and CD automation workflow and how to achieve it in the Agile framework. He holds a great leadership quality with a great sense of humor so I would definitely recommend Pratap for his strong Agile Coaching skills that he has demonstrated to our team and the best part of him is how to tackle the situations very coolly.

    Samyak Rout Principal Solution Designer, WESTPAC
  • Pratap joined Tesco for the Marketing IT team as an Agile coach when our orgranization is going through Agile Transformation. He managed to transform teams from novices in Agile to hands on, self sustained Agile teams. He was successful in training a team of 50 plus team members in multiple batches, introducing them to the nitty-gritty's of Scrum.  He also worked with the Management team in setting up the framework, best practices of scrum.

    Anil Kothapalli Agile Coach at Tesco PLC
  • A great coach and expert in Scrum. He joined our team to mentor and guide new evolving scrum teams. He is a capable Scrum Master who's managed large software development projects and helped us organize all software development practice in scrum. He has created the Scrum training presentation, and is particularly talented at creating diagrams to illustrate the finer points of Scrum. He has managed 6 different teams following different cadence and projects which shows his capability under challenging conditions in a demanding environment.

    Rudradeep Das Scrum Master, Tesco
  • I had the pleasure of working with Pratap on Suncorp projects. He is extremely passionate about Agile processes and software engineering. Pratap has a demonstrated ability to drive Agile improvement initiatives. His vast experience with Scrum and other Agile approaches in a variety of organizations provides him with a unique perspective on how to best introduce new practices.

    Aslam Shaikh Agile Project Manager |Scrum Master | Coach | Process improvement consultant
  • Pratap has worked as Agile coach for Suncorp ODC at Mahindra Satyam, Bangalore. Pratap has extended his support in leveraging Agile practices for our various teams at Bangalore. As an IM he has closely worked with onshore team and was involved in agile transition journey. He is a perfect team player. He has a very flexible & open mindset which is key to success in an Agile environment.

    Anil Dasmohapatra, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP, SAFe Agile Project Manager, Commonwealth Bank
  • I was managing Pratap directly at Ness Technologies. Pratap was a great asset in my team who left no stones unturned to ensure smooth completion of a task entrusted with him. He is a smart and dedicated individual who pays attention to minute details and always walks that extra mile to ensure project's success. He possesses good leadership qualities. He also possesses good communication and inter-personal skills.

    Anindya Ghosh Senior Manager, Infosys
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pratap in Ness. As a Scrum coach, Pratap is a true pillar during the Development process. His ability to plan and execute complex projects involving multiple groups with varying schedule and agendas is truly exceptional. In front of client, Pratap is a statesman: a thorough professional, an excellent agile transformation coach. Pratap earns my highest recommendation.

    Vikrant Shinde AVP, Deutsche Bank
  • I worked with Pratap worked in the same group and I was amazed by his immense knowledge and vision in his process improvement domain.He plans for the future much ahead to yield excellant results and works very patiently until he achieves his goal.He is a cheerful person and a nice team-mate to all.I am sure where-ever he goes he will set benchmarks of his work.

    Anand Srivastava Principal LMS Consultant @ Oracle
  • Pratap is a hard working and very focused person. He is very efficient in his work and deliver good product to customer. He is very good at understanding the need and requirement of customer at all levels and plan accordingly to satisfy the customer while delivering.

    Dinabandhu Behera VP and BU Head, Aviohelitronics Info Systems
  • He has crystal clear thoughts and agenda for future. His technical expertise was far beyond in comparison to his same experience colleagues. He is a man of ideas...always has ideas for improving system from process and technology point of view. Energetic and Enthusiastic and a real team player.Wish him all the best for the future.

    Sandeep Kumar Das ,PMI-ACP®,ITIL Sr Staff Engineer
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