Daily standup call health check up

 In Scrum

Daily stand up call is one of the very important ceremony to start in agile practices. I had following 8 observations to check the health of our daily stand up call.

Do we have the Scrum Team name?

  • It would be easier to represent the team as a single entity to other projects / programs, as we represent a scrum team.
  • It also enable us to keep flowing demand based on teams fixed capacity.

 Do we have a dedicated Distribution List?

  • We need a common shared understanding and collective code ownership to enable a cross functional team. A distribution list would help to connect and represent a team.

Can each one of us touch these 3 points to make this ceremony short and simple?

  • What changes I made / brought to sprint goal since we last met?
  • What I focus today as committed, till we meet tomorrow.
  • What puzzling me / Dependent on. (Highlight this section more)

How can we quantify the team progress toward the sprint goal?

  • “Mostly working” can be represented as “I am working on EPIC/ Tech Story / NFR/ US / Tech Debt PBI’s”
  • “As soon as possible” can be represented as “I have completed 60% of user story 123 and my ETA is EOD 3-March”

Should the scrum team member should wait for Scrum Master to call out names?

  • Can we introduce the token transfer for example a ping pong ball. If we pass the ball to others, as soon you finish just pass the call to others. The best possible candidate is where you see a dependency or someone working on related stories”
  • We will discuss on Value stream flow wise where we need to discuss on the EPIC/ STORY at horizontal layer, at later point.

How does DSR – Daily status note will help team to address dependencies in a distributed model?

  • It should be simple, Short and value addition, no more extra effort
  • Do we have any template?

Address IMPACT

  • For example if you find something wrongly checked in / something went wrong then find the fixing issues and the impact if not fixed.
  • Scrum Master / Any team member can help updating Daily Risk Register & Maintain RBD – Risk Burn Down Chart.

Can we create a “PARKING LOT” to discuss technical issues/ Solution / How?

  • Scrum Master can help to make a note / use post it notes and write all technical queries that can be parked to discuss after the call.
  • How about if we use Confluence / Wiki to post our queries and start a thread
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