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Welcome to “PMF Elite Membership” life time accessto the agile documents. Trust, you have chosen a high path in your learning path and I would be happy to assist you in your journey. If you are a member of PMF Elite Group, you can access following documents for your references.

  1. Scrum Guide – 1 & Agile Guide – 1
  2. MOSCOW Model
  3. INVEST Example
  4. Release Plan Template
  5. DSR – Format
  6. Confluence – Full Structure
  7. Release Plan Template
  8. Retrospective Template
  9. DIAR / RAID log template
  10. Best Practices of Agile (all phases / agile trick / online)
  11. Cultural Improvements / Practices / Games
  12. SWOT Analysis
  13. Burn Down Chart | Burn Up Chart
  14. Agile Practice Assessment | State of Scrum – 2016
  15. Test Driven Development Developers Reference Guide | BDD

Agile Posters | Agile Books

Agile User story Estimation Game

Estimation Planning Poker Card

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Book: "The LEAN Management with KANBAN"

It explains how IT industries are now shifting their focus from traditional development approach to automating applications and their efforts now more on leveraging a better way in delivering products with a lesser or even with a zero debt.

Book: "The LEAN Management with KANBAN"

This books helps practitioners on how to maximize their overall efficiencies and helps Organizations in adopting agile and lean principles for a quick,  innovative and successful product delivery by using Kanaban method to maintain a continous value flow.


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