“A Scrum Masters Guide Book” By Pratap Sahoo, launched by Dr Samanta, Founder KIIT, KISS

A research paper on how industries are adopting agile frameworks and various engineering practices.

Pratap explaining agile team structure with insights on scaling scrum with global industry experts.

Team interaction on real time industry challenges and agile best practices and agile eco system setup.

A clear explanation on Scrum Framework and product backlog management by Pratap

Ball point game explaining different roles and ceremonies in Scrum. A clear explanation and team engagements.

2 days workshop by Pratap on all about agile and Scrum and lean concept

Pratap explaining on Agile evolution and 4 principles of Agile Manifesto  as well 12 sub principles.

A clear explanation on Inspection, Transparency & Adaption theory of Scrum and Why industries adopting it?

scrum workshop with Pratap Sahoo with insights on global agile adaptation and a detailed interactive session.

Pratap on xP practices, real time industry challenges and agile scrum best practices and agile eco system setup.

Pratap explaining on Agile evolution and 4 principles of Agile Manifesto  as well 12 sub principles.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between the professional business demands and the desired as-to-be state through experiential learning and real time cases studies.


Having fun and creative exercises during the class room training helps participants to visualize the concepts well. And so we have designed our courses with various activities and games.


Everyday in our workshop is divided in two parts, and we call it as quadrants. Every quadrants contains a lot of simulation and real time examples on agile training concepts.

Corporate Video Launched

We are an Education Provider on Project Management specializing in providing high quality trainings to prepare for various Agile Project Management Certification Exams as well simulation tests for aspiring. To leverage in current industry challenges we offers a very economical and a high quality online courses as well both Virtual & classroom trainings for Project Management certification courses for all professionals across world.

Agiletrick demonstrates its high quality course content blended to cater all the needs for all aspirants for various agile project management certification exams. The offerings varies from Agile, Scrum, Lean Kanban, Scaled Agile and other related courses aligned with the goal of providing students exactly with the course outlines and key topics and areas required to get certified.

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