Agile PM leadership workshop – 3 days

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The incumbent would be useful for building the knowledge level for all associates who look to enhance and adopt AGILE Practices and can implement on AGILE project planning & execution across all business unit who offer service to the customer. This aim at enhancing the value for Service Delivery unit by fostering AGILE best practices.


Learning Outcome:


  • Introduction to Agile Project Management
  • Fundamentals of the Scrum Framework
  • Identifying the roles and their responsibilities
  • Managing product delivery
  • Tools for tracking and monitoring a project

2)Product Planning with Agile

  • Focusing on business value
  • Identifying features for development in an iteration

3)Fostering Self-Management within the development team

  • Creating the optimal working environment
  • Transitioning to self-management
  • Running iterations

4)Managing Change

  • Generating rapid feedback through Sprint Reviews
  • Reviewing iterations through Sprint Retrospectives

5)Applying Agile throughout Your Organization

  • Scaling for large projects
  • Managing distributed development
  • Establishing momentum for successful adoption of Agile methods



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