Behaviour Driven Development – BDD

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BDD is practice for the efficiently evolving useful code. While its name implies that it’s mostly about development, BDD is primarily about collaboration and delivering business value: it keeps programmers focused on exactly what they need to build and helps them avoid over-engineering.


1)Introduction to BDD & Process

  • Discovering User Stories
  • Quick introduction to User Story Mapping
  • Crafting INVESTable User Stories
  • Defining SMART Acceptance Criteria
  • Specifying Scenarios
  • Importance of Scenarios (The Power of Examples)
  • Effective Collaboration techniques to flush out valid Scenario
  • Documenting Scenarios with Gherkin
  • Patterns for Writing meaningful Scenarios
  • Demo of using Gherkin to document an entire

2)Application & Automating Scenarios

  • What Will We Automate & How?
  • Automation Tools
  • Your First Automated Scenario
  • Automating Scenarios: Getting Beyond the Basics
  • Dealing with Obstacles: Randomness, External Systems, etc.
  • Implementing Behaviour-Driven Development
  • Driving Implementation and Design from Scenarios
  • Creating an Application from Scratch using Scenarios
  • Automation Hazards
  • Safe Automation Practices



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