Certified Scrum Master

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The ScrumMaster has a key role in Scrum. The role is different to that of a project manager, for an example the ScrumMaster has no responsibility for planning and controlling projects. Instead, the ScrumMaster supports and encourages the team’s self-organization and the success of projects by optimizing the collaboration between the product owner and development team.


1)Agile Manifesto

2)Scrum Foundations

  • Empirical and defined processes
  • Sprint
  • The Significance of “Done”
  • The Five Scrum Values
  • Applicability of Scrum

3)Scrum Roles

  • Overview of Scrum Roles
  • ScrumMaster
  • Product Owner
  • Constraints
  • Single Overall Product Owner per Product
  • Organizational Respect
  • The Team
  • Impact on Traditional Roles

4)Scrum Meetings

  • Sprint Planning Meeting
  • Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Sprint Review Meeting
  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting
  • Release Planning Meeting

5)Scrum Artifacts

  • Product Backlog
  • Product Increment and the Definition of Done
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Burndown Charts


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