Jenkin Advanced Training – 2 Days

13,500.00 9,950.00

Jenkins Advanced Training course will introduce the participants to Jenkins OSS. Developers will learn the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment concepts and process specific to Jenkins. This course will cover all the Components and Plugins used in Jenkins.


1)Getting Started with Jenkins

  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Configuring the Tools
  • Jenkins Build Job
  • Reporting and Displaying.

2)Plugins and its uses

  • Adding Plugins to Jenkins
  • Managing Plugins
  • Upgrading Plugins
  • Commonly used plugins (Git Plugin, Parameter Plugin, HTML Publisher, Copy Artifact and Extended choice parameters)

3)Setting Up Your Build Jobs

  • Jenkins Build Jobs
  • Creating a Freestyle Build Job
  • Configuring Source Code management
  • Build Triggers, Build Steps
  • Pre and Post-Build Actions
  • Properties and properties files
  • Running Your New Build Job
  • Working with Maven Build Jobs
  • Using Jenkins with Other Languages.

4)Setting up Build Jobs and Security

  • Parametrized Builds
  • Distributed builds
  • Setting Email notification
  • Enabling Security in Jenkins
  • Different Levels of Authentication
  • Types of Access and Administration of the Access

5)Implementing Automated Testing

  • Automating Your Unit and Integration Tests
  • Configuring Test Reports in Jenkins
  • Displaying Test Results
  • Ignoring Tests
  • Code Coverage
  •  Automated Acceptance Tests
  • Automated Performance Tests with J Meter

6)Using Metrics to Improve Quality

  • Looking for foul Code through Code Coverage
  • Activating more PMD Rulesets
  • Creating Custom PMD Rules
  • Finding Bugs with Find Bugs
  • Enabling Extra Find Bugs Rules
  • Finding Security Defects with Find Bugs
  • Verifying HTML Validity

7)Nodes and Master-Slave Configuration

  • Nodes
  • Configuring nodes
  • Managing nodes
  • Distributing jobs over nodes
  • Binding Jobs to the Nodes and Setting up master and slave setup.

8)Maintain and Use Jenkins

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Jenkins
  • Backup of Jenkins and Migrating Jenkins from one server to another

9)Automated Deployment and Continuous Delivery

  • Implementing Automated and Continuous Deployment
  • Deploying an application to an application server and Deployment of Simple Java web application using Tomcat.

10)Jenkins Integration

Integration with

  • GIT
  • JIRA

For licensed tool, we need the demo version from customer for demonstration.


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