TDD BDD & Agile Advanced Training JAVA – 2 Days

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TDD- Test driven Development and BDD – Behavior driven development is popular mostly within a self-organized team. TDD / BDD and refactoring helps the team to minimize technical debts and write only code that’s needed as per business conditions. This training is completely hands-on and team should follow technologies like Java. These 2days program will help you to understand and start practicing TDD principles. This is not only for developers but also for testers as demand for testers growing with the knowledge of test first approach.


Day 1:

  • Introduction to Unit test, unit test characteristics
  • Test Driven Development – why, what and how
  • TDD Cycle – Red, Green, and Refactor
  • TDD helps you design software
  • Why testing first is better than testing after  Multiple classroom
  • Multiple classroom exercises on TDD
  • Overview of Refactoring
  • Clean Code principle
  • SOLID Principle with Example
  • Refactoring for Maintainability and Refactoring to Patterns
  • How to use mocking frameworks?
  • How to effectively translate technical specs into tests
  • XP Mantras
  • SMART Model of Task
  • Epic Theme & Agile Spike
  • Requirement Prioritization Technique – MOSCOW Model
  • INVEST Model of a user story, DEEP Model
  •  Refactoring: What is refactoring? Example. Exercise.
  • Purpose and Advantages of Automated Unit Testing.
  • Creating Testing class, writing Test functions, various important Assert statements, Setup, and Teardown for a Unit, ignoring a test, ensuring that a Test function throws the necessary exception and passing parameters to Test functions.

Day 2:

  • Agile Architect principles
  • Using mocks. Compare writing mocks with hand with creation by the framework. Exercise on creating mocks using framework.
  • Definition of a Unit Test, Properties of a good Unit Test
  • Theory of Continuous Integration (CI): why is CI needed?
  • BDD – Behavior-driven development with Example
  • Introduce to Cucumber Tool with Example for BDD
  • What is Dependency Injection (DI)? Why is it needed usually with Unit Testing?
  • Writing tests for Legacy code i.e. existing code with no tests. Different ways to break dependencies in existing code.
  • Unit test patterns. Smells to recognize flawed or badly written unit tests.
  • Code coverage


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