Scrum and Extreme Programming – a closure outlook

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Scrum and Extreme Programming – A closure look

Scrum – An alternate framework in delivering things in rapidly changing environments to cut possible business threats. Scrum is a very light weight framework which runs in a time boxed boundaries, and brings a rhythm of a sustainable and seamless flow of delivery to cut impact of risk and uncertainties with its light set of roles, ceremonies and artifacts. It unfolds two important sides of an effective delivery.

  1. Bring a rhythm of continuously delivering a quality rich products or services
  2. Deliver a workable increment in every short cycle for a quick review and enabling further revise

So this enables in engaging a better customer relationship with a greater customer satisfaction by meeting current business needs. It also lowers down the risk of uncertainty by progressively elaborating both the need and continuous feedback on desired needs.

eXtreme programming – This is also a development practice. As the name suggest, it uses eXtreme criteria for certain industry used agile practices. xP uses the eXtreme conditions of 12 technical practices or in other words 12 industry used best practices. These practices are as follows.

1 – Planning( Creating stories )

2 – Small Release ( Incremental build )

3 – Metaphor ( Defining and naming development items )

4 – Simple Design ( Framework , Class, Methods)

5 – Onsite customer ( Dedicated for early review )

6 – Coding Standard (Uniformity, a clean code initiative)

7 – Pair Programming ( Share and discuss for error free code )

8 – Re-factoring ( Simplify and clean the code )

9 – Continuous Testing

10 – Continuous Integration

11 – 40 Hour per week (Lowering burnout for improved quality )

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