Scrum, Scrummaster and Organizational Leadership

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Scrum, ScrumMaster and organizational leadership to drive for a right change in an Organization

Organizations, its intent and current challenges

To keep the balance between increasing and ever-changing demands of consumers and the existing capabilities of an organization to full fill, it is highly essential to keep the harmony between the deliveries of demands in terms of a service or product and effective capabilities of a delivered one. However due to rapidly improving technological front, improved social connectivity between living to living things living to non-living things and things to things, it is highly essential to meet the need with a very stable and in a sustainable ways.

Beyond streamlining a process, what is more important is continuously meeting the needs of an individual as a consumer or even an organizational need in a sustainable pace. It also equally important how immediate to satisfy those needs with an improved quality in a very structured way of delivering every components of a products.

In today’s ever changing world with a lot of social connectivity and social stimulations happens at every moment, it is quiet impossible to deliver needs as quickly as markets turns out with a traditional way. This impacts the harmony between both demands and deliveries. On this front, when this harmony on delivering continuously a rapidly changing demands breaks, the gap is filled compromising with Quality.

To overcome these well prevailed challenges, organizations now more focusing on delivering and integrating continuously a small workable piece of need which retains the quality and satisfying immediate needs. To meet these, organizations now quickly adopting the Scrum framework, a framework which can easily fit to discuss most of business challenges.

What are the 3 immediate milestones for an organization to sustain?

  • Aim is to bring more collaboration to create a vibrant positive wave to deliver continuously
  • Aim to keep the highest quality of a delivered product to satisfy customers
  • Finally, supporting organizations on more profit over investment with lean way of delivering.

How Scrum can help to meet these 3 goals?

Scrum – An alternate framework in delivering things in rapidly changing environments to cut possible business threats. Scrum is a very light weight framework which runs in a time boxed boundaries, and brings a rhythm of a sustainable and seamless flow of delivery to cut impact of risk and uncertainties with its light set of roles, ceremonies and artifacts. It unfolds two important sides of an effective delivery.

  1. Bring a rhythm of continuously delivering a quality rich products or services
  2. Deliver a workable increment in every short cycle for a quick review and enabling further revise

So this enables in engaging a better customer relationship with a greater customer satisfaction by meeting current business needs. It also lowers down the risk of uncertainty by progressively elaborating both the need and continuous feedback on desired needs.

Continuous delivering – Aim is to bring more collaboration to create a vibrant positive wave to deliver continuously

Scrum follows an iterative approach in delivering an increment. It comes out of silos in delivering all functionalities at a single build and so it attracts multiple builds per release, and even on multiple builds per day in an extreme case. This multiple builds creates a positive vibrant over the team as well managements and lowers down uncertainties. This brings confidence in managements and all stakeholders of an organization by delivering a small piece of workable product integrated to main product.

A continuous delivery always stands with a stable process governed by scrum framework and a right set of tools. ScrumMaster plays an important role in enabling this scrum framework from its pilot adoption to successful execution. A ScrumMaster in an organization never controls the process neither impose it on any. However a ScrumMaster role always ensures to deliver best out of it which fit to current situation.

How a ScrumMaster plays from a role of enablers to a thought leadership in an Organization?

Scrum Community Enablers: A ScrumMaster involves in scrum communities both internal to an organization as well with external worlds in bringing an improved scrum philosophy to carry out in a greater extents.

Scrum Awareness Drive: An awareness drive both at formal & informal through a talk or seminars, a blogs or a whitepapers. ScrumMaster thrills to drives scrum awareness in both personal, team and at organization level.

A strong Collaborator: ScrumMaster holds a larger interest in bringing all stakeholders for project delivery success, collaborating in scrum communities for scrum success and bring collaboration in all team activities for a better delivery, mostly in a distributed environment.

A great Motivator – The art of pushing things happen. Motivation always creates a healthy environment. During a project execution team burns out energy while focusing more on deliveries. So to improve the productivity of the team , ScrumMaster should always helps in creating a positive environments by motivating as well other team bonding activities to keep team morale high.

Reduce level of Opacity: Transparency is one of the hygienic factors for success of a project. A better transparency reduces uncertainties and so lowers down known risks. ScrumMaster always pays attention in bringing transparency during the sprint as well release level plan with team and other immediate stakeholders. Even during daily scrum calls opacity is reduced at greater extents.

Strong Connector between dependent stakeholders (Acts as a centralized connector between Sponsors, Product Management, Deliveries and Operations). A project success always depends on various external as well dependent factors. These might be at application level or at infrastructure or at business layers. ScrumMaster ensures to connect all during various scrum ceremonies and support as a connector among all to make sure the success of the project.

Mute thrust: An Invisible and indirect force behind success of a Scrum team. ScrumMaster is more like a silent leader with a great action. ScrumMaster should hold a quality to propose and not directing by being more prescriptive. It is always important to bring the harmony between being prescriptive and proposing.

Loud Protector: Protecting the team from external influence is the prime responsibility of a ScrumMaster. Influence from senior management, infrastructure team or even from internal team member to change the direction of plan for the sprint. In such a situation which conflicts sprint goals, ScrumMaster acts a loud protector and push all obstacles.

Harmonize in delivery cycles: In a scrum framework delivery happens in a small cycle called sprint, which follows a time box and a delivers a workable increment of a product. ScrumMaster helps to keep up a harmony within a sprint as well with other dependent applications for uninterrupted deliveries.

Thirst to bring and then drive Scrum Practice: Passionate to bring scrum changes.

Quality makes the real difference: Aim to keep the highest quality of a delivered product to satisfy customers.

The essence of a project success is higher customer satisfaction with a desired quality deliverable. A stable scrum process uses various check points to make sure delivery meets all aspect of demands. These check points are Acceptance criteria’s, design guidelines, release guidelines, definition of done, code quality coverage. ScrumMaster supports team to make sure in achieving these goals by facilitating every ceremony with a desired comments and expected outputs. In these scenarios ScrumMaster acts as a guardian of both deliveries and process. Effective using a sprint planning meeting as well establishing a quick and transparent feedback during review and introspection during retrospective helps in establishing check points. ScrumMaster also emphasizes on various practices like test driven, BDD, refactoring, pair programming, and continuous integration.

Retain Business profit to sustain for next delivery

Maximize business profit over investment with lean and scrum way of delivering.

Maximizing business growth mainly depends on gains from implementing features in an incremental way and on how quick it is implemented in a lean way of delivering. Scrum is one of the widely used frameworks which are well executed with support from ScrumMaster, team and organizational leaderships.

And hence Scrum, ScrumMaster and organizational leadership takes a front seat to drive a change towards continuous improvement.

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