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The most important part is to find a right ScrumMaster. Hiring a suitable scrum master plays a crucial factor in an organization adopting or transitioning to agile. Only certified scrum master does not mean he / she has a right set of knowledge and attitude towards the scrum master role. ScrumMaster should incline towards serving as a Servant Leadership and supporting team on various agile (scrum) practices, even scrum master is a management place.

Clarity of scope and Role

Once a right ScrumMaster is identified then probably we may need to introduce ScrumMaster to all team and stakeholders with a clear defined role related to organizational structure to gain an initial support needed by a ScrumMaster. Support for a ScrumMaster also includes a clear understanding on who is who and their role in the scrum team.

Establishing a communication channel

Now next immediate support for a ScrumMaster is to enabling him to work closely with product owner where both ScrumMaster and product owner go for an understanding on product or project requirements both at applications and process layers. For an effective scrum master he should have a fair understanding on the nature and kind of projects as well on what vision team is heading towards which support to ScrumMaster to leverage his support to team member.

Minimize water fallacies

Another challenge towards ScrumMaster is influence from water fallacies from program managers or delivery managers working on a traditional approach. To avoid such an influence, organization should have a clear mandate to adapt agile throughout the project, and so it leverage enough trust to scrum masters. It has been observer in agile transition where organizations start adapting towards agile practice with either having limited scrum master or not leverage enough support & trust to ScrumMaster.

Pacify Internal resistance

Another interesting aspect is that a resistance within a team may rise in a situation where a new scrum master is hired who is very new to organization where team member won’t offer enough support. It is because it creates a feeling within team that scrum master is their managers. To resolve these conflicts, managements need to give support to and clear the role of a ScrumMaster and the intention towards its place on ScrumMaster role to support towards agile practices and helping in removing any impediments and who will work closely between scrum team as well product owner.

If there is a real need to adopt Agile

In a real scenarios we can come across a situation where ScrumMaster work just as a face off towards customers but actually the projects runs in a traditional model which lead to no results in improving or adopting agile practices.

Change fear factor – Minimize resistance

Other challenges are fear factors from people who resist towards adapting agile and so personal support for a ScrumMaster reduces. I would like to give an example where a senior delivery manager who was working closely with agile transition, realized that it is difficult to choose and migrate towards ant specific role. This situation where he could not find it suitable to be a product owner or a scrum master or to work as shared PM. Another situation where a project co-ordinator working at client place who never worked on any agile platform felt insecure because of the transparency brought by Agile – Scrum practices. In this situation the ideal support for a scrum master includes support from higher management as well.

Overall, all these constraints are  mostly into behavioral and mind-set aspect which need to be addressed where organizations should come out of mind-set that scrum master are needed just because they adapting agile where actually is a required and defined place and so organizations should give enough support to a right scrum master.

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