Top 10 Resilient Roles of a Scrummaster

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Scrum – An alternate framework in delivering things in rapidly changing environments to cut possible business threats. Scrum is a very light weight framework which runs in a time boxed boundaries, and brings a rhythm of a sustainable and seamless flow of delivery to cut impact of risk and uncertainties with its light set of roles, ceremonies and artifacts. It unfolds two important sides of an effective delivery.

Top 10 Resilient Roles of a ScrumMaster

# 1 More than the brand ambassador of Scrum

  • Ability in coaching teams.
  • Supporting agile Transition across the organization.
  • Customize external layer of Scrum process for best business results.
  • Support in establishing a scrum framework in an organization.

# 2 Combination of a philosopher and a truth-seeker

  • A great philosopher in pushing team towards a high productive team.
  • Visualize what best works for an organizations current situation.
  • Foster those Scrum practices which best fit for the team at a specific time.

# 3 More than a servant leader – A thought and change leadership

  • Bringing balance being prescriptive and proposing on a Scrum process.
  • Bringing a new process format by breaking old rules set for team.
  • Passionate with a great patience to bring a change.
  • Establish management’s patience towards wide adopted Scrum practices.

# 4 Constant seek for perfectionist

  • Engaging in effectively use scrum meetings for a better use team capacity.
  • Engaging in understanding business needs from a product level
  • Building team’s Trust with all stakeholders
  • Building an openness culture with courage

# 5 A visionary mindset

  • A vision to bring a revolutionary change.
  • Mindset to challenge a non productive process.
  • Effort for a constant improvement

# 6 An Enabler more than holding a vision

Enabling a self-governed team and then supporting for improvements.

  • Shifting the centralized behaviors in team to distributed.
  • Bringing the behavior from transparent status updates.
  • Minimizing influence of directing or questioning behaviors of team members
  • Enabling a cross functional team’s responsibilities within a team.
  • Creating a space for team members to actively participate in scrum meetings
  • Radiating transparent Information
  • Improve team’s confidence for commitments
  • Lowering down conflicts within a team to improve health of the team

# 7  Skilled with quick support on resolution of various impediments and issues

# 8 Filtering out external influence needed and so protect the team.

     # 9 ScrumMaster with Product Owner

ScrumMaster also works closely with product owner to support in creating an effective product backlog. ScrumMaster helps product owner in writing a INVEST model of story writing with minimizing dependency between stories, which can have seamless flow during sprint development. ScrumMaster also support with a backlog grooming session for an effective release plan.

     # 10 Attributes holds by a ScrumMaster

  1. Holding a great patience
  2. Strong Visualization on progress
  3. Emotional adjustment ability
  4. Deep under water
  5. Loving to inspire /Motivate
  6. Delight with Team
  7. Gentle influence
  8. Great Mentor
  9. Holding a Democratic Leadership Style
  10. Balanced Mildness
  11. Optimistic to see every opportunity
  12. Facilitator & coaching style
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