Introduction To Agile:

Agile Practices focus on Incremental & Iterative development process.  Agile philosophy flows through Vision –> Core Agile Principles and certain  Technical Practices.

A clear vision statement helps to formulate the right milestones for an organization to follow. And hence, it’s imperative to have a clear vision statement defined during early journey for a successful agile transition.

Industry Practices:

There are a quite a number agile practices followed across different organizations and industries. The immediate next step is to define the agile practices suits to the need of your current business needs. Tools, Infrastructures supports enabling the right technical practices like test automation, continuous build and integration, one touch deployment and devops etc.

Organizations and teams can also follow few agile ceremonies, estimation techniques and right artifacts or templates to govern the agile process through the journey.

Principles & Beliefs also plays as an important layer while bringing the agile culture in an organization.


 Agile principle is more flexible compared to waterfall due to it’s incremental and iterative fashion. I have seen agile and scrum getting more success due to its capability in delivering a small product increment in every iteration and repeat the same for every iteration. And so it enables a continuous review and feedback for us.


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