Top 10 industry challenges in adopting agile:

Agile framework is now widely used in IT sector due to its effectiveness in bringing a sustainable development framework with a continuous delivery of an incremental piece of work and workable product. However, there were many challenges in adopting Agile at an organization level. Here we will describe mostly on top 10 challenges in adopting agile.

#1 Lack of mindset for a change:

It is a common behavioral aspect of most of human being inclined to an adopted process , specific set of people and a single environment. This mindset is so deep-rooted that , it become very difficult for accepting any changes. This similar situation happens when an organization adopted a new process either a defined or even a customized process. This is one of the top 10 challenges in adopting agile in organization. Now let us discuss on how to overcome this challenge.

#2 Not willing to take risk in a new framework

Lack of mindset for a change leads to a fear for failure in adopting a new process. And so organizations are slow in taking any steps in adopting any new practices. Before any process well-tested and proved in industries are considered as a risk. This risk is lowered down by various initiatives. Let us discuss step by step.

# 3 Deep rooted water fallacies

Water fallacies are known as one of the biggest threat in adopting agile. In some scenarios senior managements governs agile projects who were more inclined towards a long release cycle , huge documentation and a lot of complex process and so accustomed to it. This will impact the agile process delivery by influencing to introduce a mini waterfall in an agile framework. Water fallacies is one of the well-known top 10 challenges in adopting agile.

# 4 Delayed decision at organizational layer

# 5 Low budget for process improvement areas as a cost center

# 6 Resistance in a bottom up approach

# 7 Challenge in setting up a cross functional agile teams

# 8 Lacking at adopting a right tool and infrastructure

# 9 Difficulties in learning a new framework

#10 Unsure on a suitable framework on agile practices

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